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Whether you have dating questions, life questions, or just want to chat this is what Ask Her Advice is for! We thought it might also be helpful to answer any other questions you might have about our site here: 

Which Lady Will I be talking to? 

Calls are routed to the first available woman. So, whoever answers your call first, that is who you will be speaking to. 

What if I want to speak to you, Gina?

First-time callers are always routed to the first woman who is available to take your call, however, if you like the person you spoke to and want to make sure you speak to them again, then you can ask them for their extension, so that next time you call, you can enter their extension and speak with them (including me). **BUT none of the ladies can give you another woman's extension, only the woman herself can give you that. 

How much does it cost?

If it's your first time calling, your first 10 minutes are FREE. After that, all calls are billed at $2.99 per minute. So, once your first 10 mins are up--the call will be paused and a prompt will come on and you will be asked to enter your credit card number. You can end the call at any time. 

Are these ladies available to date me?

We are only here to give you our honest legitimate advice and be a friendly person to talk to. That's it. These calls are not for any type of sexual purpose. The women are NOT permitted to engage in any outside communication with callers and if a caller says or does anything inappropriate, the call will be terminated immediately. 

Do you guarantee your advice will work? 

No. We cannot guarantee the advice you get from us will work. Every person is different, therefore; there are many different techniques that might work depending on the situation and the person. BUT all of us giving you advice here, are giving you our honest opinion based on what we believe is best, based on our own lives, the women we know, or our own personal experience with that situation. 

Is There ALways someone available to talk 24/7?

Well, unfortunately, no. We are human, and we have lives outside of this and well...of course, we do need to sleep :-) So, we do our best to take as many calls as we can as often as we can. **If it is a life-threatening emergency and or you feel like you are going to harm to yourself or others PLEASE CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!! But, if you leave us a message or shoot us an email--we will call you back.

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