All of the women you see here are real and have been handpicked personally by Gina Hendrix. They are here for the sole purpose of giving you honest, unbiased advice in an effort to help you feel less lonely or less confused about your life or relationship issues. We are even here to help you with your online dating profile and will help you make better and appropriate choices before you swipe left or right on those dating apps. Whatever your needs are concerning your life, marriage, dating life or even friendships we are here to help. No matter your race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation OR politics--this is a safe space. You will be talking to a caring, compassionate woman who wants to listen to you and offer you quality advice.
HONESTY and INTEGRITY are our guiding principles. **Inappropriate conduct is NOT tolerated. 





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Gina created this site because she saw a need. We are separated more than ever, life is confusing, dating is difficult and many are lonely. Most of the help online for men comes from other men, but the truth is--the real advice men need--needs to come straight from the women themselves. 


Gina is a well-known matchmaker. Her clients are among the most eligible and sought after billionaire and multi-millionaire bachelors. She has been a Matchmaker and dating couch since 2008. Gina has written two books,  had two successful radio shows, and has been a featured as a dating expert most recently on the TV shows, EXTRA and E!

Her first book, Stop Being a Bitch and Get a Boyfriend, is an honest and candid look at all of the things women do that prevents them from having a lasting relationship. Gina is also crazy passionate about helping people do dating better, so if you have questions about the dating app's or online dating she has the answers. 




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Makenna is a California Native who has been through the ups and downs of relationships. Being the youngest woman here, her social circle includes tons of women from all age groups, so she has an understanding of what goes on in a woman's mind through the highs and lows of a relationship.

She also knows what women need to see when they look at a dating profile as well as the fine art of coming up with creative dates to impress women of all ages.  


With a Master's Degree in Communications, she has the educational background to match up with her advice. She has worked with a private matchmaker and has vast knowledge on just about any circumstance you can imagine. 




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Hi I’m Brettney, an entrepreneur and a Personal Empowerment Coach. I am also skilled in Emotional Support services and International Mentorships. 

More about me: an autodidact, polymath, and multitalented creative.
I have a diverse range of experience in a variety of male dominated industries. I have interacted with a wide range of people from A-List Celebrities to the homeless. All are equally regarded, with understanding and an non-judgmental stance on meeting them where they are at and helping them with an open mind and an open heart. 


Also, over the years I seem to be the go-to when my male friends need relationship advice or just someone to lean on. Dating can be challenging especially on the dating apps. When you need some compassionate advice or just someone to listen, I’m happy to help.



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Hi there, my name is Gayle. I am a professional image consultant and I’m also the mother to three boys. In my line of business, I work with men to empower them to adopt new habits that build upon their self-esteem in their day-to-day lives. Having 3 boys, I have shared a lot of advice through the years on dealing with women and how we tick!


I’ve even helped them respond to texts from their girlfriends and got them out of some pretty sticky situations!  Guys listen, your online dating profiles are your first opportunity to make an impression with the ladies... so let’s make sure it’s a great one! 


With my 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, and raising boys to men, it is so easy to underestimate the message we are sending to women... in how we communicate, the way we dress, and how we react versus the way we respond to one another. I look forward to speak with you!




Melissa here! I am originally from the UK (yes I have a British accent) but have been living in Los Angeles for several years. I am a make-up artist and work with many celebs when I’m not giving advice to men who need it! Ha! I have seen so many great men on the dating apps, making so many mistakes when it comes to the photos they choose, or the messages they send. Women can be extremely picky—and I know exactly what they are thinking when they are looking at your dating app profile and happy to help with that! Even when you wonder why she never answered your text, when she gave you her number. I know why that is--so let’s chat.


Also. I understand sometimes you just need a pep talk to feel good about your dating efforts. I’ve always been the one my friends come to for dating advice—and I seem to be pretty good at it. I’m honest and I care.


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Hello, I'm Suzanne, a native of California and one who loves animals and the environment.  I love sharing my perspective and helping friends with a genuine no nonsense perspective. Friends know me to be the person that they can count on to pick them up when they're down. I love being a sounding board for people.  And who hasn't tried dating online? So I'll be able to share with you my personal advice or what to do right and what you might be doing wrong. No one's perfect, but you can improve your dating skills if you are armed with the right information. 


Sometimes it’s a simple smile that might make the profile stand out, maybe a new hair style, or just a better outlook on life, might be just what the doctor ordered  and can have a great effect on you too. Dating is the same wherever you are and if you're looking to find that special someone or if you just need to talk, I'd love to hear from you! 



Ashley was born on Valentine’s Day and it was no shock because her favorite subject is love! A resident of New York Ashley has already trained with some of the the best matchmakers and relationship experts in the business.


Working along side the most elite and successful professionals in the matchmaking industry, Ashley is a girl who knows the inside tricks of the trade and her mission is to share what she knows with singles everywhere. 

The perfect combination of Ashley’s natural intuition, charismatic personality and experience gives her an edge with her inner circle as they call her "the modern day matchmaker". Ashley's favorite phrase is, "Don't send that text yet!" At least not without getting her help first.


An expert and at giving Millennials advice in this age of technology, Ashley is like a best friend who who is willing to give you HONEST advice on what the opposite sex is REALLY thinking.

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